Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cool Dive-Bars New Orleans Saturn Bar Buffa

Saturn Bar is a cool Dive-Bar in the Bywater section of New Orleans on St. Claudes Avenue, in a slightly scetchy neighborhood ... There's a cool vibe here, cheap beer, and fair priced drink and good juxebox .. 

Saturn is the diviest of the dive bars, in a good way!! Bad art, cheap drinks, crazy locals who wanna buy you a beer (yes, please), tattered seats, creepy bathroom facilities and FABULOUS swag. 

Cheap ICE cold beers, NOTHING fancy, real live dive bar atmosphere in a neighborhood that you would NOT be going to otherwise. You've got to do it!!

Dive Bar

The down-river part of The FRENCH QUARTER is On The Other

Buff'A LOUNGE ON ESPLANADE AVENUE In The Fourbourg Marigny section of New Orleans has been one of my fave hangs in New Orleans ever since I discoved the place in a 2005 trip to The Big Easy .. It's a neighborhood bar and not one you'd find tourist in other than an occasional stry here-and-there .. Yes, it's a dive-bar and a cool one at that .. Fair priced drinks, but also not that cheap of which I was disappointed to find on my last trip. The drink priced teeter right in the middle of being reasonable and being slighly expensive .. They have a great jukebox and usually a cool vibe except when they occasionaly get in some local low-lifes that juts aren't cool which I also sadly discovered one night on my last trip there and it was a little off-putting ... Anyway, most of the time I love the place, to just sit, relax, listen to the jukebox, and maybe have a late afternoon or evening burger .. The joint is cool ...

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