Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Yes, "American Hustle" Rocks ! Best film I've seen in uhmm, one month. Saw Woody Allen's 
BLUE JASMINE which I loved as well ... I'm a Wine-Guy so I'll rate American Hustle a 92 on a 100 point scale, Blue Jasmine gets  a 94, they are both brilliant films and must see's, and the two films may very well have the winners for Best Actor, Christian Bale and Best Actress Kate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine ..  Bale was masterful in his role of con-man Irving Rosenfeld .. This David O. Russel film is set in 1970's New York and Camden, New Jersey .. The cars, settings, and clothes bring back fond memeories of the 70s, but nothing beats the phenominal music and sound track with Pop, R&B, Disco and Rock-N-Roll 70s style .. I will probably by the CD Soundtrack soon, it's awesome ..
 The movie has been masterfully directed by David O. Russell, and is a sort of I guess you would say Crime-Drama / Comedy .. The movie was quite entertaining with elements of suspence, comedy and Sexiness of mostly Amy Adams who "Sizzled" as Bales con-busines mate and love interest mistress .. Jennifer Lawrence was pretty sexy as well. playing Bales wife .. 
This movie should be on just about everyones "Must See" list, and is well worth the outrageously high price of $13.75, a statement I can not often say ..



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