Monday, March 27, 2023





"BUMMER" !!!

C & L DUMPLING HOUSE has Closed 

Just read on Eater that the C & L Dumpling House closed. "Bummer" I loved that place. went there numerous times over the years. I usually went when I'd get my haircut at the Chinese Hair Salon around the block on Eldridge Street (just $5).  I'd get my haircut, only $5, plus a $5 tip, then I'd scoot over to C& L for some dinner, 2 orders of Dumplings for just $2. What a deal? Yes, I'd get a haircut and dinner for just $14, including the $5 tip. There was a cool little Bar - Restaurant on Stanton Street that was serving Aperol Spritz's during Happy Hour for just $5 each, so for a while, I'd get my haircut, dinner (Pork Dumplings) and an Aperol Spritz, all for just $20 ... "Wow, what a Deal?" It certainly was. And that was just 3 short years a go, before the Covid 19 Pandemic that hit in March of 2020 ... Another bummer. Majorly. Anyway, adly for me, the place I got the haircut is gone, and I go to another place near by, but they charge $15. Not bad, but quite a difference from just $5, and $10 total for haircut and tip at the old place, but $20 with the tip at the new place. Double the price. It wouldn't be bad, if I could go and get 2 orders of Dumplings for $3 (went up to $1.50), and even though the total price of my haircut with tip in Chinatown is now $20, if I could still get those tasty Pork Dumplings at C&L, a total price of $23 for my haircut in dinner, still, it wouldn't be bad. But no, now they tell me that my favorite dumpling joint, C&L Dumpling House has closed? "Bummer" ? Big Time ! Well, what the Hell can I do? Not much. 

My last two haircuts, I got at a place on East 28th Street. I go when I have a doctors visit at Bellevue Hospital. It's $22, plus a $5 tip, for a total of $27. Not the bargain of $10 I was paying 3 years ago, but, that's life. Things change. And change they have, especially inflation. Almost everything has gone up. My groceries are costing me, and everyone else I guess, 25% more or so, than 3 years ago, before the Pandemic hit. Now instead of getting my haircut and going out for a cheap but tasty dinner, I just get my haircut, and go home and make dinner, or lunch, whatever the case may be at the time I get my haircut, in the afternoon, or early evening. Now I can't get a haircut, dinner, and an Aperol Spritz, all for just a Twenty Dollar Bill. Boy, were those the days? And it's not a long time ago. It's just 3 years.

Well, such is life. Things can be worse. We can be in a war zone, like the poor people in Syria and Ukraine. We're not. Though things aren't quite as good as they were 3 years a ago, (Americans) we still have a lot to be grateful for, and things are quite bad in those two countries, and all over the World. We've got it good, and believe me, I am very grateful. So don't think I was complaining about my hair salon, and the dumpling house closing. I'm not. "Well, maybe just a little." But I'm stating facts, plain and simple/ Those are the facts. Anyway, since the price of just about everything is going up, and if you don't have a lot of money, and you're on a budget, there are always things you can do to save money, and one of the best ways to do that, is not to go out to eat too much, and to cook and eat most of your meals at home, or brown-bag it when you go to work, make a sandwich, and bring a banana or two, and a bit of sweets if you crave them, when you go to work most days. Don't piss your money away eating out, eat at home and brown-bag it to work.

And if you want to cook at home, and you need a little guidance, the books below. The Badass Cookbook and Got Any Kahlua, are both designed with the novice cook in mind. Both books have lots of great easy to cook recipes and helpful hints on cooking to save both time and money. So pick up one today, and "Cook & Save Money" just like I do.

Good Luck, and all the best to you.

Basta !