Tuesday, October 30, 2012


F**KIN BLOOMBERG Did it Again. He Screwed Us. The People Who Live Downtown Manhattan, who have been without Electricity for more than 20 Hours Now and Will be again tonight and for who Knows How Long. Why Did He Screw Us?  BLOOMBERG and ASSHOLE? Simple? There are over 1 Million People without Electricity. We're in the Dark. "WHY THE HELL AREN'T THE BUSES RUNNING ASSHOLE?" Yes You MAYOR MIKE ! There Is Know Reason What-So-Ever that Bus Services could not have started by Noon. If so people would be able to get to work, to there jobs at Delis, Cafes, Grocery Stores, Restaurant, Bars, Whatever. If these Businesses were open, it would have made things a lot more bearable and easy in a Bad and Stressful Time. Instead of Helping by getting the Buses GOING, Bloomberg has exasperated an already tough situation for More Than a MILLION New Yorkers. He F**KED-UP, He SCREWED US. He's an ASSHOLE. You know he's gonna have a Bunch of Bull-Shit Excuses as to Why the Buses weren't Running Sooner and Making Life Easier on New Yorkers who are in a bad situation, No Electricity, No Lights, No TV, Nothing, "We're in The Dark" ! OK, Yeah I know, that's Not Bloombergs Fault. No. But what is his Fault is that He is supplying more than 1 Million New Yorker with "More Hardship." ASSHOLE! We would have had it much easier, and a day with Less hardship today if that ASSHOLE BLOOMBERG would have had the Buses Running today, instead of just sitting there "Doing NOTHING" they Could Have Helped People today. There's NO REASON for THIS! There has been NO BAD WEATHER What-So-Ever Today! None! In fact the weather was NOT BAD at all today. THE BUSES SHOULD HAVE BEEN RUNNING TODAY, "HELPING PEOPLE" both New Yorkers and the poor people who are here on Business or Pleasure (Tourist). You Could have made things a Lot "Better" for People instead of "Throwing Gasoline on The Fire" and making things WORSE For over a MILLION NEW YORKER'S MIKE. Thanks a Lot ASSHOLE! 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


iPad Mini Unveiled ... Starting at $329 for 16GB ... Lots of Happy Apple Campers.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

"BIG NEWS" iPad Mini Release .. "The McRib is Coming Back .. and

Wow what a month this is going to be, a big new Apple product, the much anticipated "iPad Mini" to be released October 23, 2012 (high speculation anyway). And almost just as big, ever Bigger to its Millions of Loyal Fans "The McRib is Coming Back" before the end of the month, go to "Me-N-McRib" for the Secret Date. Yes all you McRib fans out there, "McRib Lover" you hopes and dreams for 2012 are about to come to fruition as the flaky and indifferent McRib resurfaces at a McDonalds near you. Grab her quick, "The McRib" she's fleeting and will just be around for a short 6 weeks. A cruel and insensitive act to the legions (millions) of adoring Lovers of the McRib. Yes it is Boys and Girls. But hey, it's a lot better than waiting for 15 years or so from one disappearance before resurfacing  many years later in the past. Seems like the people at McDonald's are now set into a groove of bringing her (The McRib) back on a annual basis, just before the holidays. Well thank goodness for that.
  So, back to the iPad Mini. As usual Apple has been able to fend off leaks for the most part. No one outside of the most inner core of Apple knows all the details for sure about the iPad Mini, but Cnet and other  reputable in-the-know Tech Sources have just about 99% assured us, the Mini will be announced at the Apple Event on October 23rd. Those lucky enough to have an invitation have a little Clue marked on it. The physical invitation that is, it states "We've Got a Little More to Show You." Little? Get it? Little as in Mini, as in "iPad Mini." Well, we're gonna find out for sure on October 23, 2012 ..
    OK Boys and Girls one more Big Piece of news, and it's back to the McRib. DBZ has just published a Poem on "Me-N-McRib." It's a Poem for the McRib, and it's called "The Heartbreaker" It's hilarious, yet poignant  and can be read at the Blog "Me-N-McRib." Check it out.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Presidential Debat # 2 at Hofstra University in New York ...
Take that Mitt .. Yes Mitt Romney was the clear Winnder of the first Debate, but
"President Obama came into New York Strong to WIN Over Romney"
It was close, but Most Political Analists and Pundits say "OBAMA WON THE DEBATE"
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October 16, 2012 Presidential Debate Number 2 at Hofstra University in New York

Daniel Bellino Zwicke