Sunday, February 27, 2011


"Not Unlike A CHICKEN in Every POT" We Need 

A Good Watch. It's something every man needs, few have. Well, percentage- wise anyway.
I'm not talking about a Timex, or "God Forbid" one of those nasty looking Casio watches. A Rolex or Omega are the most popular top end standards, not everyone can afford to spend $3,00 for a Omega or $5,000 and up for a Rolex. If you can afford it, there is nothing like having a Rolex Submarine or GMT Master. The classic look of these two great watches is timeless. ONE look at the Submariner and you'll notice it's all business with classic yet simple design, that is "Timeless." The Submariner is a sport watch but because of its timeless design can be worn with a suit for business or Tuxedo.
   This watch made of the fine stainless-steel with a classic black face, black dial, and Mercedes style hands. It is waterproof to 300 meters and is powered by a World Class movement. Believe it or not, a Rolex at $5,000 is a bargain. Considering that there are watches on the market that go for $10,000, $20,000, $100,000 and even 1 Million Dollars, which as much is I love watches, feel that anything over $20,000 is absolutely insane. Obscene even. A Rolex will give you instant cache, no matter how rich the group you are amongst. So the the cache a $5,000 Rolex gives, even comparable to a $10,000 to $100,000 watches, the Rolex Submariner or GMT Master is a bargain.
   So back to everyman needing a good watch and what one can afford to spend. As stated, if you can afford the Rolex, you've just got to get it. If you can't afford the Rolex or Omega, you have other options as their are great watches available for $350, even less that have the look of watches cost $3,000, $5,000 or more. I bought a S. Coifman Dive Watch that can almost be put in the same league as the Submariner or GMT Master. My S. Coifman has the same top tier stainless steel, saphire crystal, and Swiss Movement as the Rolex watches. It is 100% Swiss made from a famed Swiss watch company that has been in business for some 150 years. This watch is practically every bit the equal to a Rolex from a quality and style point of view. The watch normally retails for $1,500, though much cheaper than the Rolex, it is total equal in terms of quality. I paid just $299 for the watch that looks every bit the part of a $3,000 plus timepiece. 
  If possible, if you decide you will buy and were a good quality time piece, the first step would be to get a great Dive watch, such as a Rolex or Omega if you've got that kind of cash? If not, and you can get your hands on something like my S. Coifman Diver for $500 or less. you can even get a Invicta Pro Diver for $200 or less that looks pretty much like a Submariner, and the quality is pretty good.
   So you get a great looking Diver, your next step would be to get a beautiful looking classic style dress watch with a great Crocodile, Alligator, or fine Leather Strap. A company called Sturhling Original makes some amazing looking dress watches that look like $5,000 and $10,000 time pieces but can be had for $250 or less at Amazon. No Bull. It's true, some of these Sturhling watches look just like $100,000 ones.
    Men, get yourself a great watch, put on some Levis, a great shirt, good leather shoes and belt, and you are set. Add a good sport jacket and you'll look like a Million Bucks. A lady killer.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is one of just a hanful of musical artist to make good music
in the 21st Century, the Century with The WOrst Music of All-Time !!!

Why is the Music so Bad these Days!  Is it a Lack of Talented Artists? I think so. I know so actually. But even more than the lack of talented artists, is the lack of good taste by a large segment of the general public, namely those 30 years of age and under. They have such terrible taste in music and accept and like such "Garbage" as Hip-Hop and House Music. So the talentless musicians of the day continue to make Garbage, Noise, it's not music, as was exhibited at the Grammy's which i watched in a state of mortification. One terrible song after the other. That "LADY GAGA" is Horrible. She couldn't Shine Madonna's Shoes.! There was a little bit of good music here and there, but it was few and far between. Not like in my day, with such great artists as The Beatles, The Supremes, Marvim Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Madonna, The Rolling Stones and On-and-On.

  Thank Goodness there are a few good artists here and there, like Lenny Kravitz who some have compared to one great artists of the 70's Sly from Sly and The Family Stone. A band I loved when I was a young boy.

   I listen to all my great music of the past, as there is hardly anything worth listening to these days. And it's not a generational thing, for along with loving my music of the day with such artists as the Doors, Stevie Wonder, Simon & Garfunkle, The Stones, I also grew up loving the music of my parents and older generations. As a young boy I Loved my moms music in Tony Bennett, Sinatra, Elvis, Nat King Cole. Good Music is Good Music. The reason I don't like the music of today is that, plain and simple, "Most of it is Crap." Garbage! Capito?

  When they make good music, I like it, as is the case with Lenny Kravitz whose song Fly Away is one of the most Rockingest Songs ever made. Bravo Lenny. In a day with so much Mediocre crap, and even worse, you are there making Music, "Real Music." Can you teach some of your contemporaries? I will not call then peers, as they are not on the same level as you. Will this World ever see Good Music ever again? Or are we assigned to just listening to the Music of the past, like: Classical, Big Bands, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Sinatra, The Beatles, Motown, Philly Sound, Bob Dylan, etc., etc..

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

in The ATLANTIC with rebuttal by author Daniel Bellino Zwicke ...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


 That's right! "Can't Women Start Putting The Toilet Seat Up" and PLEASE STOP BITCHING about men not putting the "TOILET SEAT DOWN" ??? Why is it that We're (MEN) are supposed to put the seat down? Why Can't Women Put The TOILET SEAT UP, and PLEASE STOP Your BITCHING About MEN NOT Putting the Seat Down. Why do we have to do it? Don't we get any rights? WHY the HELL Do WOMEN Always Have to Bitch So MUCH? Why do we have to hold the Door for them? Can't they Hold it for Men? What's Up With That? They Want Equal Rights? Well Fine! Let's Give it to them? Let woman start Holding Doors fro Men, let them let men go first, Let them Put the Toilet Seat Up. Why Do Women Always Have to Bitch. "I Gave You the Best Years of My Life." Vice Versa. millions of Men have given Women the Best years of their lives Only to Be Screwed Over by them.
  Why Do Women Always have to Bitch? Hey, maybe that's the Big Difference between Men and Women? Women Love to Bitch!!! Well a whole lot more than men anyway. And at least when we bitch, it's usually about something pretty Important, not something as "Trivial" as Putting the Toilet Seat Down." So there!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


OK gang. Have you seen the latest bit of insanity? Bloomberg and other City officials want to rename our beloved 59th Street Queensborough Bridge. Are you Kidding me or what Mike? BAd, Bad, Bad Idea! Did you here me Mr. Mayor? Bad Idea? This beloved bridge has two names already. Doesn't need another. It's thee "Queensborough Bridge" in case you didn't notice, also know as 
"The 59th Street Bridge." Slow Down, You're going too fast!
  The Tax Payers of this city don't need you throwing away Millions of Dollars (Cost of changing roadsigns and other things related to a name change) for a Insane Name Change. Are you "out of Your Mind Mike?" Have you forgotten the other Ill Fated Insane attempts at change the names of New York streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks? Remember the attempt to change the name of 
"Hells Kitchen" to CLINTON? Not!!! How bout the ill fated name-change of 6th Avenue to "Avenue of the Americas." That, I must admit wasn't a bad idea, but as you well know, "Never Caught On." 
  And Mr. Mayor when was the last time you heard someone call the Tri-Borough Bridge, "The Robert F. Kennedy Bridge." Not often, I'd wager to bet. 
  Mayor Koch was a great Mayor. I Loved the jog he did, and you're doing a fine job as well, but this idea of trying to rename a bridge that already has a great name as it is, "Is just plain Dumb." Sorry, but it is. I don't believe the city's taxpayers want you to through away our money on such Foolishness. "Give it up Mike."
  Name a street, park, a school, after Koch, but the 
"Queensborough Bridge." That's Insane!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 Wow, saw a great movie last night, "Phantom Punch" about the life of Sonny Liston, one time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. The life of Sonny Liston makes for a great story, and this was. Never even heard of it before. I know my friend, the great writer Nick Tosches wrote a wonderful book about Sonny calle "The Devil in Sonny Liston." Nick was in talks with Martin Scorsese on making a movie about Liston based on Tosches book. It never happened. I remember asking Nick how the movie was coming a long, and Nick saying sarcastically that Marty (Martin Scorsese) was too busy making movies with Leonardo Di Caprio and Disney.
He was peeved. Can't blame him. And speaking of Maartin Scorsese, it was he who directed what many consider the greatest boxing movie ever made, "Raging Bull," starring Robert DiNero as Boxing Champ
Jake LaMotta and a great performance by Joe Pesci playing Jakes brother Joey LaMotta. Let us not forget other great boxing movies like Somebody Up There Likes me starring Paul Newman as Rocky Grazziano and Will Smith portraying the great Mohamad Ali in "The Greatest.
  Anyway, back to Phantom Punch whic stars Ving Rhames in a wonderful portrayal of Sonny Liston who started boxing while serving a prison sentence in a Missouri State Prison. The prison Priest gets Sonny started in boxing. he trains and mentors him, and Sonny soon has one thing on his mind, to one day become World Heavyweight Champion. I will not give much away, but will say that I Loved the movie. It is very entertaining, a moving story, and great historical document, not only telling a story of a Black man who rose from the depth of prison to become World Champ, the movie also shows the injustice, sometimes doled out to Black People, especially in those days. It also shows, and African Americans should take note, that not all White People are prejudiced as some of those in the movie and in real life. Just as there are bad black people, there are many more good and wonderful African Americans. Great Movie. I Loved it. It is on Netflix, that's how I saw it, and I highly recommend it. it gets to Thumbs and Two Big Toes Up. See it!
   Saw The "MECHANIC' last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Starring Jason Strahtom reprising the Charles Bronson role of the original motion picture made in the 70's with Jan Michael Vincent co-starring as Bronson's protégées in the picture. This remake is action packed from beginning to end and everything is totally believable. I was on the edge of my seat a good part of the movie and had to cringe at some of the violence. Nasty. OK, so I liked the movie and paid the $12.50 simply because that night I wanted to go out and be entertained. And I was. I have stated over and over, $12 and $13 we pay in New York to see a movie is way to high. Many agree, and there are 100,000s of people boycotting movie theaters because of the exorbitant price.  Opting to watch movies on TV and Netflix. On this night I was committed to paying the "High Price," as a treat to myself. I was satisfied. The movie was very good, but not so good that I would say you have to run out and see it right away. You can wait till it comes on HBO or Netflix.
   Of these two movies, The MECHANIC and "Phantom Punch," I would have to say that Phantom Punch was quite a bit better. The movie moved be, and costing just a small portion of my monthly Netflix bill, about .50 cents, as opposed to $12.50 for the Mechanic, I don't even have to tell you whcih was by far the better deal. Do the math.
  So, in conclusion, "You just have to see "Phantom Punch," if you have Netflix and I would even say it is worth paying up to $9.99 to buy a Dvd if you have to. Yes the Mechanic was very good, but I'd say wait to see it on cable or Netflix.

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Did Lindsay steal that bracelet or not? Is it just some sort of a mix-up as Lindsay camp has stated, or did she really steal it, as the jewelry shop people claim? Who cares? Leave the poor girl alone. It seems as though some have it in for this girl. I'll tell you. The jewelry shop owners are looking for a lot of free publicity and notoriety at Lindsay's expense. Leave her alone. So the girl may have some problems and has in the past. Leave her alone for Gods sakes. Let her sort them out and live her life without being pounded unmercifully practically day after day by the press and whoever.
What good would it accomplish putting her in jail for six months as some have said she could possibly get if found guilty of stealing the "Stupid Dumb-Ass Necklace." Who cares.
Give Lindsay a break. Even if she is guilty, let her pay a fine and retribution to the jewelry people, and or do community service. That is, "IF" she is guilty! Remember, right now Lindsay Lohan is Innocent until proven guilty. These Birdbrains should drop the charges, they have already gotten about a Million dollars of Free publicity. Give it up. Leave Lindsay alone already!
By Daniel Bellino Zwicke and "The DANNY REPORT"