Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Did Lindsay steal that bracelet or not? Is it just some sort of a mix-up as Lindsay camp has stated, or did she really steal it, as the jewelry shop people claim? Who cares? Leave the poor girl alone. It seems as though some have it in for this girl. I'll tell you. The jewelry shop owners are looking for a lot of free publicity and notoriety at Lindsay's expense. Leave her alone. So the girl may have some problems and has in the past. Leave her alone for Gods sakes. Let her sort them out and live her life without being pounded unmercifully practically day after day by the press and whoever.
What good would it accomplish putting her in jail for six months as some have said she could possibly get if found guilty of stealing the "Stupid Dumb-Ass Necklace." Who cares.
Give Lindsay a break. Even if she is guilty, let her pay a fine and retribution to the jewelry people, and or do community service. That is, "IF" she is guilty! Remember, right now Lindsay Lohan is Innocent until proven guilty. These Birdbrains should drop the charges, they have already gotten about a Million dollars of Free publicity. Give it up. Leave Lindsay alone already!
By Daniel Bellino Zwicke and "The DANNY REPORT"

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