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. . Steely Dan... September 22, 2011
Steely Dan Rocked The Beacon Theater the other night. All last week, as a matter of fact, playing a seven night engagement that drew throngs of loyal fans and Steely Dan Freaks, including this avid fan here. I went on Thursday night which was Fan Request Night, whereby fans choose their favorite songs that they'd like to hear that night. Theoretically the songs with the most votes are the ones played for the concert. Well, it pretty much turned out that way, but the band led by
Front-Man Genius "Donald Fagen" the Jerseyboy (Passaic) who eluded to the fact that although it was request night, the band might not follow the list of winners exactly to a tee.
Well most fan favorites were played, including; Aja, Riki Don't Lose That Number, Dirty Work, Do It Again, Reelin in The Years, Josie, Peg, and the finale "Kid Charlemagne." Basicaly, the only song missing that you know it just had to be in the top 5 or 6 vote winners was Deacon Blues which many were screaming for, including "Mwa." The song was not played. I bet of a disappointment, but hey, you really can't complain with a show like the band put on that night and the repertoire of songs chosen.
Fagen, Becker, and the whole band were just great. The band consisted of a 4 piece brass section of a Trumpet, Alto and Tenor Saxophone, and a Bone Player (Trombone), bass, drums, 2 Keyboards, Fagen and Lead Keyboard, two guitars including Becker and three Female Back-Up Singers. They all performed outstandingly.
A little hint. For all you kids out there. If you want to see a real band play real music not canned sampled crap like they make today, next time Steely is in town, check them out. them, the Stones, Allman Brothers, Crosby Stills and Nash or some other great Rock Band from the 60s, 70, and or 80s. You'll not regret it.
Donald Fagen and Steely Dan Rock !
Daniel Bellino Zwicke
Donald Fagan and Walter Becker

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