Monday, March 28, 2022

I Want My Omega Swatch Moon Watch Speedmaster

The OMEGA / SWATCH "Speedmaster"


" I Want Mine"

Damn, I watch my watch! The new Omega / Swatch "Speedmaster' Moon Watch,
"I want one" !!! Damn I missed out of the first batch. Was reading my morning Google News Feed and a story popped up from a piece by Bloomberg on the new Omega Moon Swatch Watch and the frenzy it has caused at Swatcg strores around the WOrld, from : Hong Kong to New York, Amsterdam to Melbourne, Tokyo, Geneva, Switzerland and beyond. They came out Saturday March 26th 2002, and Sold Out in no time flat. Damn! "I want one" !!!  I read the story, and quckly called the Swatch Store on Broadway and Bleecker, but there was no answer, just a voice message. So after I had my Breakfas, took a show and got dress, I ran over to the Broadway Swatch Store. Wehn I was across the street from the store on the west side of Broadway at Bleecker Street, I could see a standard white piece of paper taped to the door on each side windows, and without reading it, I figure the inevitable, that the Watch was Sold Out. Sure enough my hunch was correct, when I crossed the street, and walked up to the store, and was able to read the sign, it read Moon Watch Sold Out. "Shit" !!!  I want my damn watch.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait. I called the other Manhattan Swatch Stores, and they're all Sold Out as well. "No Omega Swatch Moon Watches in New York"  Damn! So when I went over to my usual morning Coffee spot at the Marton Hotel on West 8th Street, I got my coffee, hopped on my laptop and went straight to the Swatch website. Sold Out. Can't get one. 

I figured that a bunch of wheeler-dealers already bought a bunch of these watches and would be selling them for insane prices on Ebay and the secondary market. Sure enough, when I Googled the watch, there are now Swatch / Omega "Speedmaster" Moon Watches posted on Ebay for $5,000. $7,000 and more. "Insane." I wonder if anybody is foolish enough to pay theses prices. I regular Omega "Speedmaster" Moon Waych sells for about $7,000, and Swatch / Omega has said that this watch is not a limited edition. They will be making, and selling a lot more of them. Probably millions of these watches will be sold eventually, so it's likely they will never come near being valued at $5,000 to $7,000 ... Never ever.

Anyway, I was quite disappointed at not being able to het my Omega / Swatch Moon Watch today, but eventually I will. Well at least I have my gorgeous Bulova Automatic "Oceanographer" Dive Watch that I got, just a couple weeks ago. It's a beautiful watch, and I''l have to happy with that, and all my others, until the day comes that I'm a proud owner of my very own Omega / Swatch Moon Watch.

So until then? "Hasta la Vista Babee" !!!

.... Daniel Bellino Zwicke



Moon Watch


Get (almost) real with this steel grey watch finished with a black VELCRO© strap. All hands and the tachymeter scale are in white, just like the original Moonwatch.

All dials carry the OMEGA X SWATCH branding, as well as the iconic Speedmaster logo and the new MoonSwatch logo. The glass construction, the “hidden” S integrated in the center of the crystal, the fine and sophisticated circular pattern on the dial outer ring and the subdials, the sharp and smooth lugs construction, the iconic “dot over 90” detail on the tachymeter scaled bezel, and of course the unique Bioceramic touch are common to all models and stand for passionate love for details. All hours, minutes, chronograph seconds hands and hour markers sport superluminova for a perfect glow in the dark.

The launch of the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection is an incredible success that exceeded all expectations.

We would therefore like to remind you that there will be watches available in the selected Swatch Stores in the coming weeks as it is not a limited edition.

For the moment, we have to update the purchase limit to one watch per person until further notice. We will revert back to two watches per person as soon as possible.









Saturday, March 26, 2022

Lets Go Saint Peters Basketball Jersey City NJ



On to The ROUND of 8



The Saint Peter’s Peacocks seized the front and back pages of the New York Post on Saturday, a day removed from advancing to the Elite Eight at the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

The Post’s front page features Peacocks players KC Ndefo and Jaylen Murray embracing Saint Peter’s victory against Purdue.

There was one final prayer for Purdue Boilermakers but, let’s be honest: the invaders from the Big Ten weren’t about to receive any celestial intervention. Not this night. Not this game. Not against the Saint Peter’s Peacocks. 

Not on National Peacock Day. 

(Is that really a thing? On this night, anyway, it was really a thing.) 

No. Jaden Ivey’s shot from about 10 feet beyond the top of the key might’ve looked good on TV. It might’ve looked good to certain segments of Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, especially since it wasn’t just Saint Peter’s diehards who were on their feet, trying to shout the ball wide, or short, but also the folks in the building wearing UCLA and North Carolina gear. 

(And it wasn’t just because all shades of blue stick together.) 

It never had a shot. It bounded harmlessly away. The buzzer groaned and the roar inside Wells Fargo Center rose. It was over. It was done. The magical mystery tour for Saint Peters’ would last at least another two days. The evidence overhead, frozen on the scoreboard, will stand forever. 

The Saint Peter’s Peacocks celebrated its win over Purdue in front of thousands of people at Wells Fargo Center on Friday night.

As the on-court festivities subsided, the Peacocks made their way to the locker room for the second round of celebrations — a more private one. Players broke out their phones to capture the historic moment as music blared throughout the room.

The Peacocks are on to the Elite Eight.

New Jersey pride runs deep through the local universities. Following Saint Peter’s win Friday night, schools across the Garden State acknowledged the No. 15-seed Peacocks and their remarkable run at the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.


NY JET'S on Twitter

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania

Friday March 25th 2022


Of JERSEY CITY, New Jersey

Defeat PURDUE 67 to 64

In The SWEET 16

And Move on to the ELITE 8

ROUND of 8

For their 10th WIN in a ROW