Sunday, February 20, 2011


 That's right! "Can't Women Start Putting The Toilet Seat Up" and PLEASE STOP BITCHING about men not putting the "TOILET SEAT DOWN" ??? Why is it that We're (MEN) are supposed to put the seat down? Why Can't Women Put The TOILET SEAT UP, and PLEASE STOP Your BITCHING About MEN NOT Putting the Seat Down. Why do we have to do it? Don't we get any rights? WHY the HELL Do WOMEN Always Have to Bitch So MUCH? Why do we have to hold the Door for them? Can't they Hold it for Men? What's Up With That? They Want Equal Rights? Well Fine! Let's Give it to them? Let woman start Holding Doors fro Men, let them let men go first, Let them Put the Toilet Seat Up. Why Do Women Always Have to Bitch. "I Gave You the Best Years of My Life." Vice Versa. millions of Men have given Women the Best years of their lives Only to Be Screwed Over by them.
  Why Do Women Always have to Bitch? Hey, maybe that's the Big Difference between Men and Women? Women Love to Bitch!!! Well a whole lot more than men anyway. And at least when we bitch, it's usually about something pretty Important, not something as "Trivial" as Putting the Toilet Seat Down." So there!


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