Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cafe du Monde Americas Greatest Cafe

Cafe Creme and Beignets

Cafe du Monde is without question America's Greatest Cafe ! Noone can compete .. They're been open 24/7 for more than 150 years and have sold millions of cups of coffee, millions more beignets and customers .. Cafe du Monde is a beloved New Orleans institution that opened its doors in 1862 and has been going strong ever since .. Their coffee is a New Orlenian Special of Chicory Coffee which is regular coffee beans mixed with roast chicory that was instituted during the Civil War and shortage of coffee, adding the chicory stretched out and lengthened the supply of coffee, the natived liked it and have stuck with it ..
Cafe du Monde has their own Chicory Coffee Brand that they seel in regular coffee tins .. The coffee is sold in speciality shops aroudn the country and around the world and is especially popular in Vietnamese restaurants in the U.S. of which 98% use Cafe du Monde Coffee to make their Vietnamese Hot and Iced Coffee ... 
Cafe du Monde is a "Must Do" when in New Orleans, "If you haven't been to Cafe du Monde" you haven't been to New Orleans .. Basta !

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