Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Once Upon tart to ReOpen

The TART Is ReOpening !!!  "Oh HAPPY DAY"

I recievied this eMail form Jerome Audureau, stating, "Good news after 2 months closed           ONCE UPON a TART ...  will be re opening November 7th . Jerome Audureau jerome@onceuponatart.com  

ONCE UPON a TART sadly closed this past Summer (2014). For those of us who truly loved this quaint little bakery / cafe, the closing was quite a blow, akin to losing a very close friend .. The TART as the regulars like myself call it, had operated in its wonderful Old New York Storefront for some 23 years. The storefront of the tart is more or less the same as it was some 100 years ago when it operated as a bakery in this Italian immagrant dominated neighborhood of the Sout Village (Greenwich Village). Yes, technically this part of Sullivan Street (block between W. Houston & Prince Street) is considered Soho .. Well if you're an old-timer and especially of Italian descent and grew up in the neighborhood, this "Is Not Soho," but The Village ... Basta!
Anyway, Once Upon a Tart is a much loved little Cafe .. For many, like me, it is a second home we we go to get our daily coffee, muffins, and tarts to start our day just right. Yes we get our coffee, muffins, soups, and sandwiches at The Tart, but it not just that. At The Tart we get so much more .. Everyday I get up and out of my Greenwich Village apartment and my first stop of the day is to my beloved Tart .. I go for my daily morning coffee, which like any great coffee lover, I do love dearly. I go for my coffee and my bonus of seeing the lovely Cleo, Anna. Samina or anyone of the wonderful counter-girls who work at the Tart .. These women are lovely and it is for me one of the simple pleasures of life just to go and get my coffee and be greeted so warmly each and every morning by someone as lovely as Cleo, Kanai, or one of the other girls who work at The Tart. When I say that Kanai Cleo Jerome and all the girls who work there are "like Family," this is not just Cliche but something tangible and oh so true and my favorite thing about my Tart ...
The atomosphere is homey, welcoming, serene, and oh so lovely. Yes, as I've said, the Tart is a second home to many of us. It's a meeting place and a sactuary. It's sanctuary to us regulars as well as so many thousands upon thousands of tourists who've either stumbled upon this lovely little gem or read about it and seeked it out for one of their famous Chocolate Pear Tarts, Madelines, or other tasty treat. They stop in for a little refuge, coffee, tea, a place to sit and get a tasty little treat. It's a place so special and a welcome repreive.
Once Upon a Tart to reopen? Please Lord let this be true, we miss it and want it back, and of this, there is not much more to say. Basta!

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


The Lovliest Lady You Could
Ever Wish to Great You With Her Sweet Smile
and Your Daily Morning Coffee


New York Writers Daniel Bellino-Zwicke 
Jerome The TARTS Owner
Chris Nominee & John Kenney
from left to right

My Dads Pickup Truck


by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke



"Just Because"






Ballatine Ale Can

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