Saturday, May 20, 2017

Remembering Alyssa Elsman RIP

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This is so sad. When I heard about this and saw the picture of the lovely Alyssa I just wanted to cry that this young lady's life was Taken from Her in such a Horrible and senseless way.. My heart goes out to her Mother, Father, Sister, her whole family and loved ones who are grieving the Tragic Loss of their Dear Alyssa ... My God Bless Dear Alyssa 's soul and all those who loved her ..



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This is a painting that someone made of Alyssa and post on Facebook in Tribute to Her ..


Alyssa Elsman came to New York to have a good time with her sister and mother as millions of people do from all over America and every corner of the World .. Tragically she was killed (murdered) when a psychopath on drugs decided he wanted to kill people with his car .. It's so sad and tragic that poor Alyssa Elsman happened to be at the "WRONG PLACE" at the Wrong Time when the deranged MANIAC Richard Rojas of the Bronx decided to turn onto 7th Avenude at 42nd Street, driving the wrong way, mowing down and injuring 22 people and killing poor Alyssa .. I wanted to cry when I saw the picture of Alyssa on TV and that this inocent young lady who just wanted to have a nice trip to New York with her sister and mom was so senselessly mowed down by the maniac Rosjas. 

My Heart goes out to Alyssa's Mother, Father, Sister, and all those who loved her.  This is such a tragic painful loss to them. I wish I could do something for them, but all I can do is offer my condolenses as well as those of millions of New Yorks as well. My God Bless you all, and of course dear Alyssa.

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

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