Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Perfect Breakfast

My Perfect Breakfast? Well, my Perfect Breakfast is a bit unusual. When I get up in the morning, I turn on my Radio (1010 WINS NEWS) on my way to the bathroom. I listen to the first News of the day. Go to the living room, turn on the TV and watch it for 20-30 minutes or so. It helps me wake up. After watching a bit of TV I go and take a shower, dry-off, then brush my teeth, still no breakfast. I get dressed, fill my bad with my Mac Book Pro, battery charger and what-not. 
   Now I'm getting ready for breakfast. I grab a Banana to eat along the way. Along the way to my local cafe where I will have Part II of my perfect breakfast. Part II ? A nice hot cup of American Coffee of course. Yes a good ol Cup of Joe and the greatest coffee of all, American Style .. Oh I know I'd get millions of complaints and disagreements on that one. Millions of French, Italians, and other Europeans would scoff, "Are You Kidding? American Coffee The Best?" Wel Yes! Yes for me and a couple hundred million Americans I'm sure .. The coffee at my local cafe is awesome. They buy their beans from New York's # 1 Best Coffee Roast, people who have been in business fro more than 100 years, not upstarts like Starbucks. Yes, No Starbucks like me, I'm "No Robot," not a "Follower" like most Americans. Starbucks? Way too commercial, and besides, I don't really like the taste. Starbucks has a sort of "Pissy" tatse to their coffee. I'm not trying to be funny or a Wiseguy here, I'm serious, Starbucks has a sort of acidic pissy kind of flavor to their Pikes Peak Coffee Roast. I noticed it a few years ago when because of the Wifi situation back then, I was going to Starbucks a bit here and there. I've never been a fan, but I do find them convenient at times. Anyway, dam, how'd I get on this subjects, this is not supposed to be about Starbucks, who in a way I sort of dispise.

                                                             Banana by Andy Warhol

   OK, back to my perfect breakfast. So I grab a Banana on my way out of the house. As I walk the 2 1/2 blocks to the cafe, I eat my banana. "No not that Banana you wiseguys!" I eat the Banana, the most perfect little package of fruti of all. Yes it comes in a beautiful lean yellow package that's just perfect. And inside, Bananas have numerous vitamisn and nutrients and is a great source of fiber that we all need for good digestive affects. Babanas contain a good amount of antioxidants such as lutein, Vitamin B 6, soem vitamin C, and of course it's one of the best sources of Potassium .. Yes a Banana is quite good for you. It's fairly tasty, inexpensive and easy to eat. So ther you go part one of my perfect breakfast.
    Part II, The PErfect Breakfast, my perfect breakfast. Part 2, yes, back to my coffee. The coffee roast by Porto Rico Coffee Roasters who have been in business in New York's Greenwich Village since 1907 .. Owned and operated by the Longo Family for more than 100 years. They buy green coffee beans and roast them all themselves into perfect Italian Espresso, Pete's Blend (1/3 French Roast 2/3 American Roast) and various different blends roast from coffee beans from around the World; Brazil, Columbia, Sumatra, Africa, and Cnetral America, Porto Rico is The Best.  I often wonder why anyone would ever want to buy bags of the super commercial bags of Starbucks Coffee at $12.95 a pound when they cun buy the Superior Artisanal Small Batch Roast Coffee of Porto Rico for 30% less money? It just doesn't make sense.
   So my perfect breakfas? I eat my perfect Banana on the way to the cafe. I get to the cafe and order a large coffee (Porto Rico) from the wonderfullu sweet conter-ladies at the cafe. I get my coffee, get my table, sit down and relax. Oh how I love it so. This wonderful morning ritual. I ate my banana, now I sit down at my favorite cafe, all comfy and cozy. I pull out my laptop, surf the net,  I write, I sip my coffee, I relax, I'm in Heaven. That's my most perfect Breakfast, it's a Banana, a Cup of Joe (good ol American Coffee), my Mac, and a perfectly wonderful neighborhood cafe. "Oh the simple pleasures of life!"

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

                                                       GET COFFEE




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