Friday, April 11, 2014

Italian Guitar Masters NY

Just saw the Exhibition "GUITAR HEROES" at The Metroplitan Musem of Art, NYNY.
   Dam it was Awesome! Amazing Guitars! Works of Art by 3 of the Greatest Guitar Players to walk the Planet! and guess what!? They were all Italian Americans. James D'Aquisto,
John D'Angelico, and John Monteleone. And guess what else? They all grew up and made there Guitars in Little Italy in New York and more specifically had shops on Kenmare and Mott Streets. Friggin Amazing! The 3 Greatest Guitar Makers of All-Time, all Italian-Americans from Little Italy, New York. Why it's like a Little Cremona (where Great Violins are made), and these guys were like Stradivarius of Guitars.
    These Guitars are considered the "Rolls Royce of Guitars" and you can see a nice collection of them at the Met. The exhibition is Amazing. What's more amazing is, I never heard of them, and i'm a person who keeps up on pretty much "Everything and Anything," and especially Art, Music, Italian -Americana, and beautiful things, and these Guitars and the great Italian Craftsmen who made them are all four; pieces of Art, Musical, Italian-American, and Things of Beauty.
Let me tell you. If you live in New York or the area, or you are visiting our Lovely City before the end of June 2011, make it a point to see this Wonderful Exhibition. It's Amazing!

by "Italian-American" and Proud of It, Especially When I See Some More Great Things Made By Italians ...

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

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