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An American Master? There is "No Question" about it, JIMI HENDRIX is one of them. With the likes of Cole Porter, Louis Armstrong, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra and so many more, an American Master, is one way of describing the late great James Marshal Hendrix, or how most of us know him "Jimi Hendrix," The Greatest Rock-N-Roll Guitarist of All-Time .. PBS has made and now aired Jimi Henrix an American Master, and if you have not seen it, make sure you do, "It is Amazing." I never realized it before, but after watching this wonderful document of Rock-N-Rolls Greatest Guitarist ever, I realize that I did not know all that much about the man and his story. A story that I found quite sad. Sad in the great tragedy that this great artist who amny consider "Thee Greatest Guitarist of All Time" and it's pretty hard to dispute this title. Anyway, the tragedy that this great talent died at such an early age (27), and that he had so much more of life to live and great music to give. The man was more or less on the scene for just about 4 years. He was in his prime and had already rocked and showed the world what he could do. He had just built his own studio, one of few musical artist to ever do so at the time and on such a large scale.
This documentary is quite wonderful consisting of much footage of Jimi in concert, in interviews and candidly talking. Great artists such as Paul McCartney and others praise him and clost personal friends give us insight into the real Jimi Hendrix and his kind, gentle, and very cool persona.
McCartney wasn’t the only one to stand up and salute. Rolling Stone has dubbed Hendrix “the greatest guitar player of all time.” Which makes it even sadder to be reminded that he died at 27, at the height of his superstardom. It was 1970 and he was trying to catch some elusive sleep in a London hotel room. He ended up asphyxiating after taking an accidental overdose of wine and sleeping pills.

Just a Few of The Albums
And Many Great Artists Who
Recorded at JIMI'S 

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