Saturday, November 10, 2012


Went to See Skyfall Last Night, The First Day in NEW YORK and The U.S. ... Like Most Hardcare "Bond Fans" I Wish Wishing and Hoping This the 23rd Edition of The Great Thing We Know and Love as Bnd Films.. I Like Millions of Other Fans was Waiting in Great Anticipation of "The Return of Bond" as it says in the ending credits of every Bond Filml, "James Bond Will Return" There's no question of a Sequel, Bond is a Franchise and you know there's always going to be aother Bond Movie, another Adventures, a New Evil Villain in a Quest for World Domination "Or Something Like That" and if need be, there's going to be a New Bond (actor Playing James Bond).And we got a New Bond 3 Movies ago in Daniel Craig. Craig's First Film was hugely anticipated as here we have a "New Bond" and Pierce Bronson had don a great job in his Bond Films. How was Craig going to be as Secret Agent 007? A very Big Question. Craig didn't disappoint, He Was Awesome in Casino Royale. The Movie Was Very Good as Well. We were all Happy. Then came Quatnum of Solace a "Big STINKER" It SUCKED, most would agree. So now we have Skyfall coming along and everyone is wondering, is it going to be a "Dam Good Bond Film" or a "Crappy Stinker Like Quantum" ??? Of course We were all "Hoping For The Best."


So Did SKYFALL Deliver you want to know? Yes and No! Yes ... It Delivered yes in the fact that it Didn't SUCK Like Quantum of Solace, which was thee Most IMPORTANT Thing this Movie Needed to Accomplish, "Just Don't SUCK." !!! It didn't and Thank God for That. Hoping for the Best from Skyfall, did we get it? Well, I wouldn't say we got the best, but we did get pretty goo. Not The Best, No I Didn't walk out of the Theater All Pumped Up and Supercharged like I saw a Great Movie. No, I did feel satisfied, entertained, I like the Movie and felt it was quite good. It was Bond and an Event, The First Night and all that, but this latest Bond Movie is "Far from Being Great or Oscar Worthy" as some writers and reviewers have coined it. Far from it! People like to jump-On-The-Band-Wagon. I'm Not, I tell it like It-Is! I wanted to and wish i could say SKYFALL was  great and Ranks Anong The Best Bond Films of All-Time like some have. The Problem Is, "It Isn't" wish it was but it's now. But what is Very Important is the "Fact" That Skyfall was Good and Din't SUCK Like Quantum, that would have been a Disaster. Let's be happy for that.
   Skyfall does have a good number of the Elements that we love most about a Bond Film. The Movie starts with a great chase scene through the Streets of Istanbul that was quite good. The Skyfall Theme Song while not of the Caliber of Shirley Bassey, Nancy Sinatra, or Sheena Easton was pretty good, sung by Adele. The great Bond Theme Song and background music was good, but could have been used a bit more as it always excites and pumps the audience up.
   There were Beautiful Woman but not used in the optimum as in the best and most Classic Bond Films and Best Bond Girls, a bit lacking in Skyfall. Lacking again in the Much-Loved Gadget Department. But one super great job of Pulling a Rabbit Out of The Hat was the appearance of Bonds Original Car The Famed DB5. Awesome! There was a joke by "M" about Bond pressing the Ejector Seat Button on her, and the audience roared when Bond used the specially equipped DB5's Machine Guns on The Villains.
  And Yes, as always, there were Exotic Locales, includin; Shanghai, Istanbul, Macau, and London.
OK, they Overall Best Thing about Skyfall is, "It Didn't SUCK" !!!

Daniel Zwicke

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