Sunday, August 28, 2011


  Thanks a Lot Mike. Thanks for "Screwing Up" Worse than any Mayor in The History of New York has ever done. Bad Call. You Blew It. You Stole a Day of Our Lives. The new York City Subway System has NEVER been Shut Down (other than 9/11 Emergency) voluntarily and for good reason,  it doesn't need to be, and it didn't yesterday, and not so early at 12 Noon. Or if you did, shut the Subway because of underground tunnel precautions, "Why the HELL Didn't You Keep the Bus System Running" you MORON ? !!!!!!! You CRIPPLED the CITY Worse than any storm ever could have.
     Mayor Bloomberg, because of Your Foolish Decision, there were virtually no businesses open. Because you shut down the Subway and "Unnecessarily Shut Down The Bus Service" You Crippled the City. "Thanks a lot Asshole." There were no Cafes, almost no Restaurants, grocery stores open.... 99%  of all businesses were closed, Not Because of the weather, but because people couldn't Get to Work, so business owners had to close as a result of their employees not being able to get to work because, not only did you Shut Down the Subway, but you made an even MORE FOOLISH DECISION to Shut down Bus Service. "WHY?" The BUSES could have kept running! People Needed them ! You made the City lose a couple Billion Dollars in business, or more.
      You ruined the day of natives like me who couldn't go to a cafe or restaurant and for Tens of Thousands of Tourists who had no restaurants to go to eat, and especially under the conditions we were in, everyone could have used either; a Cafe, bar, or restaurant to go to instead of having to walk for blocks to find one of the very few grocery stores or delis open to have a sod and a tiny bite to eat on the street instead of sitting down relaxing in a nice Cafe, Bar, or restaurant, which would have been nice and was sort of a necessity. you Ruined it! You Ruined our Day  and Unnecessarily so. If Buses at least were running as they would have been, people would have been able to get to work and back home, on Buses and restaurants, Cafes, Bars, grocery stores, delis and other businesses would have been opened and you wouldn't have "RUINED The DAY of MILLIONS of PEOPLE." How do you Feel Asshole. Thanks a lot. Nice F_ _ k Up Mike !!!!!

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